How to Look After Your Kidneys with Traditional Chinese Ways

/How to Look After Your Kidneys with Traditional Chinese Ways
How to Look After Your Kidneys with Traditional Chinese Ways 2018-02-01T11:59:08+00:00
Foot protection
Keep foot warm helps nourishing kidneys. Kidney channels start from the foot bottom, but foot is vulnerable to the cold. Therefore, extra attention is needed to keep foot warm, avoid your feet right in front of air conditioning or fans; do not walk barefoot in damp places.
In addition, the foot has many acupuncture points, such as Yongquan. Massaging Yongquan point before sleeping every night also helps supplementing kidney.
Smooth bowel movements
Poor bowel movements not only make you agitated, chest tight, breath short, also hurt the kidneys, resulting in backache, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Therefore, smooth bowel movements also help nourishing kidney.
To accelerate defecation, massaging the both kidneys region stimulates the kidney power; massaging the kidney area while walking can alleviate backache symptoms.
Drinking water supplementing kidneys
Water is the source of life. Lack of water increases the burden on the kidneys. Thus, drinking water at regular intervals is a very important method of keeping kidneys health.
Do not hold urine
When urine storage in bladder reaches a certain extent, it will stimulate the nerve to urinate. Then we must go to the toilet in time. Otherwise, the accumulated will become dirty and hurt kidneys.
Swallowing saliva
Saliva in the mouth is divided into two parts: the thin part is from the spleen; thick part from the kidneys. If you spit the saliva when it’s available, you will feel the waist and knees, fatigue. This proves that swallowing saliva plays an important role in nourishing kidney essence.
Foods supplementing kidneys
There are many foods that supplement kidneys. In addition to black sesame, black fungus, black rice and black beans. Walnuts, chives, shrimp and mutton kidney may also play a role in kidney supplementing.
Sleep well
Adequate sleep is important for maintaining Qi and blood, kidney essence. Clinical studies show many patients with renal failure have the similar experience of late at night, over fatigue and lack of sleep. Therefore, keeping early hours benefits the conservation of kidney essence.
Avoid getting overtired, abstinence
Too heavy manual labor hurts the Qi, over mental labor can damage the blood; excessive sexual intercourse hurts the kidneys. Therefore, in all matters you should act according to your abilities, which helps maintain our kidney function.
Drug alert
Regardless of traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine, there are some side effects; long term medication of some drugs definitely hurts kidneys. So read the instructions carefully before medication, you should consult relevant experts when it’s long term use of certain drugs.
Sports and kidneys
Life is movement. Here to introduce you an easy exercise method to nourish kidneys: after rubbing the palms of two hands to heat, put them to the waist, palms towards the skin, massage the waist up and down until the skin feels heat. Do this exercise each morning and evening, about 200 times per turn. This exercise can nourish kidney essence.

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