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In all our business segments, TongyuBio shows great environmental responsibility. The protection of our environment and our hazard prevention program are important factors of our company’s philosophy. As a reliable partner, we are aware of the possible threat the products may pose to the environment. In our pursuit of an improved protection of the environment, we include all our contractors and service providers and obligate them to support us in this endeavor. We cooperate openly and trustfully with authorities, other companies and the community in matters of environmental protection. All the information necessary to understand the environmental impact of our company is available to the public.

We are convinced that sustainable economic operations can only be achieved in conjunction with a clear-sighted environmental policy. Investments in the protection of the environment and the safety of equipment and staff are characteristics of our company’s philosophy which, also in the future, includes the idea of environmental protection as an important corporate goal. In the process of planning and implementing new constructions we always conform to the current state of modern technology.

Continuous improvements of our internal environmental protection program are realized through appropriate measures and projects. We reduce the amount of waste and residue, polluting emissions and waste water by administration of technical and organizational measures. The effects of current operations are monitored regularly. Additionally, we pay great attention to holistic occupational safety and thus to a high level of security, contributing to the preservation of our staff’s and customers’ well-being.

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