These 6 Foods Not Recommended to Be Eaten Together with Walnuts

/These 6 Foods Not Recommended to Be Eaten Together with Walnuts
These 6 Foods Not Recommended to Be Eaten Together with Walnuts 2018-02-01T12:25:35+00:00
Walnuts can fill head or increase memory; a lot of people eat them as snacks. However there are 6 foods which cannot be eaten with walnuts, otherwise it will be counter-productive.
Nutritional value of walnuts 
Walnuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, regular consumption of walnuts will not increase blood sugar, it reduces the intestinal absorption of cholesterol, this food is suitable for patients with high cholesterol, hypertension and coronary heart diseases, and walnuts contain a lot of fat, which can help treat constipation.
The main fatty acid of Walnuts is linoleic acid which is the body’s essential fatty acids, an ideal human skin cosmetic agent. Regular consumption of walnuts also prevents prematurely white hair and shedding.
Walnuts are rich in vitamin B and vitamin E, which fight against cell aging and enhance memory. Walnut contains trace elements which are needed by human body, walnuts help you alleviate fatigue and stress when tired.
So, which foods cannot be eaten with walnuts?
Patients with pneumonia and bronchiectasis should not eat walnuts together with grouse. Grouse has high calories, walnuts are rich in fat, 40 grams walnut seeds are the daily intake limit, meanwhile excessive caloric intake is avoided.
Eating walnuts together with alcohol make people cough up blood. according to “Kai Bao Materia Medica” record. walnuts has high calories. You get phlegm when taking excessive walnuts, alcohol is very hot, if both are taken at the same time, blood heat happens, especially for patients with hemoptysis chronic diseases(bronchiectasis, tuberculosis).
Strong tea
Walnuts are rich in protein and iron, tea contains tannic acid, tannic acid will combine with iron and protein to produce insoluble precipitate, which is difficult to be digested and absorbed.
Turtle improves immunity, promotes metabolism, it is also a skincare and anti-aging agent. But walnuts and turtle together can cause poisoning, affecting your health.
Walnuts and soybeans cannot match. Soybean is the “king of beans,” it’s been called the “meat plant”, “green cow”, the most abundant nutritional value. However consumption of walnuts with soybeans causes bloating, abdominal pain and indigestion.
Wild ducks
Walnuts and wild ducks mutually destruct. Taking walnuts with wild ducks makes the body uncomfortable, easy to get sick.
Notes to walnuts consumption
Walnut has high calorie and fat, in addition, people with diarrhea should not eat. Walnut has a laxative effect, but the boiled water with walnut shell can treat diarrhea. Walnuts are controlled or forbidden for patients who vomit blood or nosebleed. Excessive consumption of walnuts will cause phlegm, nausea, severe diarrhea.

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