Sea Buckthorn Can Protect the Liver Effectively

//Sea Buckthorn Can Protect the Liver Effectively

Sea Buckthorn Can Protect the Liver Effectively

The liver is the largest organ in the abdominal cavity, and the amount of blood flowing through the liver in 1 minute is more than 1000 milliliter. The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body and plays an important role in metabolism, bile production, detoxification, coagulation, immunity, heat generation, water and electrolyte regulation, which is known as the “chemical plant” in human body.

Because the liver bears too many physiological functions, so it has a relatively high incidence of diseases, according to relevant literature, there are approximately one hundred million people suffering from different types of liver diseases in China, liver diseases have become a great threat to human health.

In fact, liver diseases are preventable, and some liver diseases are related to people’s diet and living habits, such as fatty liver. When fatty liver goes to stage two, it becomes hepatitis, then it is highly likely to be fibrosis, hardening, and even turn into liver cancer. Therefore, it is important to protect liver.

Sea buckthorn can relieve fatty liver symptoms obviously

Fatty liver is a large amount of fat in the liver accumulation, when the fat content is more than 5%, the total weight of fat is more than 10% of the weight of liver or more than half of the liver cells have fat degeneration, it is known as fatty liver. Fatty liver is a typical sub-health state of the digestive system.

Fatty liver is the product of abnormal fat metabolism, which is related to excessive nutrition, excessive use of drugs, endocrine disorders, alcoholism and so on. Fatty liver is a pathological phenomenon, which is the human sub-health state from the liver warning. Although fatty liver is not painful with direct life threat, the patients will have cirrhosis, and even turn into cancer if it’s ignored. Therefore, the fatty liver needs serious attention.

The prevention and treatment of fatty liver is very effective, Sea buckthorn contains a very high content of amino acid-threonine, threonine in sea buckthorn will be accumulated to the liver, to prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver to avoid the occurrence of fatty liver.

The trace element molybdenum in Sea buckthorn is a master to promote fat metabolism. Meanwhile sea buckthorn also contain chromium which is also a key of the promotion of fat metabolism. Chromium is mainly found in the body’s liver, kidneys, spleen and blood, chromium can promote the metabolism of fat to reduce the concentration of neutral fat and cholesterol in the blood. High blood lipids is also one of the reasons affecting fatty liver, if sea buckthorn can effectively reduce blood lipids, then it will be effective to stop and relieve fatty liver.

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