St. John’s wort Extract

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St. John's Wort Extract


Product name: St.John’s.Wort Extract
Plant latin name: Hypericum perforatum L.
Product specifications: 0.3% Hypericin HPLC, UV
Appearance: Dark brown powder
Main chemical constituents: hypericin, pseudo-hypericin, original hypericin, original pseudo-hypericin. kaempferol, clodonin, quercitrin, rutin. morphine (0.1%), chlorogenic acid, malic acid, ferulic acid.

St. John’s wort extract has been used as medicine over 2,000 yearsin China. In some European countries, St. John’s wort extract is widely used in medicines as sedatives, anti-inflammatory drugs, the treatment of bronchitis and genitourinary inflammation, hemorrhoids, but also for the treatment of traumas such as scalds, ulcers and other diseases. St. John’s wort extract has been used as an anti-depressant drug for more than 100 years in Germany and is now included in over-the-counter medicines for the treatment of depression and AIDS.
St. John’s wort extract can be used as a safe nourishment for the nerve, which prevents and treats depression and mood disorders, eliminates tension and depression, to restore self-confidence and improve sleep. Hypericin from St. John’s wort extract has fight against DNA and RNA virus, is directly effective on bird flu, swine fever, foot and mouth diseases and other viruses by its strong viral interference and inhibitory effect on the virus.

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