Pueraria Root Extract

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Pueraria Root Extract

Pueraria isoflavones 40-90% UV/HPLC; Puerarin 10-99.5% HPLC; Daidzein ≥98% HPLC

Product name: Pueraria root extract, also called kudzu root extract
Plant latin name: Pueraria lobata(willd) ohwi
Product specifications: Pueraria isoflavones 40-90% UV/HPLC; puerarin 10-99.5% HPLC; daidzein ≥98% HPLC
Appearance: Pueraria isoflavones: brown or pale yellow powder; puerarin white crystal powder; daidzein: brown or pale yellow powder
CAS No .: Puerarin 3681-99-0; daidzein 486-66-8.
Molecular formula: Puerarin C21H20O9; daidzein C15H10O4
Molecular weight: Puerarin 416.38; daidzein 254.24

Saponins from Kudzu root extract puerarin protect liver tissue agaist immune damage.
Effectively reverse the chemical-induced liver fibrosis.
Enhance myocardial contractility, protect myocardial cells.
Dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure, improve microcirculation.
Protect the deformability of red blood cells, enhance hematopoietic system function.
Fight against platelet aggregation, increase fibrinolytic activity, reduce blood viscosity.
Protect against nephritis and renal failure.
Adjust non-specific immunity, humoral immunity and cellular immunity.
Promote lymphocyte transformation rate of health people and cancer patients, enhance the role of natural elements.
Obvious stimulus and induced effect on interference system.

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