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In the table of nutrients, 100 grams of red radish contain 350 mg calcium, which ranks the first in all the vegetables, small radish contains 238 mg calcium, green radish contains 110 mg calcium. Besides calcium, radish also contains a variety of minerals and trace elements, which is rich in crude fiber relieving constipation.
Molybdenum is another feature of radish, radish soup helps preventing myopia, presbyopia and cataract.
Oats are rich in calcium which is up to 7.5 times higher than rice, which is the highest content among cereal grains. Although the absorption of calcium from oats is not as good as calcium in milk, it is helpful in preventing calcium deficiency. The porridge made of oasts and black sesame seeds will be better for calcium deficiency.
Soy Products
As food grade gypsum, containing calcium sulfate, is added during the production of tofu, most of the soy products are a good source of calcium. Some producers add brine during tofu production, however only tofu with gypsum contains high calcium. Tofu skin is made with the surface layer of soybean milk without gypsum, and it contains no calcium. Although soybean milk is rich in soy protein, it does not contain calcium.
Amaranth, Small Rape Vegetables
Many green leafy vegetables are rich in calcium, including amaranth, small rape, which contain more calcium than milk of the same weight. In addition, these vegetables contain minerals and vitamin K elements to help calcium absorption. Boiling vegetables in water before cooking increases calcium absorption rate. 100 grams of milk contain 109 mg potassium and 11 mg magnesium. However,100 grams of small rape contain 157 mg potassium, 27 mg magnesium. Magnesium is one of the components of bone, and adequate potassium and magnesium help reducing the loss of urinary calcium. Therefore, vegetables rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium are good foods for bone health.

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