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Although constipation is not a serious illness, its dangers can not be ignored, especially for women. Constipation affects our skin, which increases toxins inside the body, leading to metabolic disorders, endocrine disorders and unbalanced trace elements. To make matters worse, constipation leads to skin pigmentation, itching, dry hair, chloasma, and acne.
Foods helpful For constipation:
Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes are rich in carotenoids, vitamin C and dietary fiber. Sweet potatos help promoting stomach movements to prevent constipation.
Bamboo shoots
Bamboo shoots contain crude dietary fiber which ranks high in vegetables. Bamboo shoots can stimulate the intestinal movements to soften the stool and reduce stool detention time in the intestine to help defecation.
Cucumber contains water and dietary fiber, which are very effective in relieving constipation. If you suffer from constipation, eating cucumber every day can be helpful. Cucumber is cool-natured vegetable, which affects the kidneys function if people eat too much.
Winter melon
Winter melon contains water and dietary fitber which are helpful in relieving constipation. Winter melon is cool-natured vegetable, which may affect the spleen and stomach function if people eat too much.
Towel gourd
Towel gourd contains plenty of water, which is easy to be digested and absorbed. In addition to water, protein and calcium content from towel gourd is higher than cucumber and wax gourd. There are special interferon inducers, saponins, citrulline and xylan, which are health beneficial. Towel gourd is a cool-natured vegetable, which may lead to diarrhoea if people eat too much or for a long period.
Dry Jew’s ear
Dry Jew’s ear is rich in dietary fiber: 29.90g/100g, which is much higher than oatmeal (5.3g/100g) and celery (1.4g/100g). Dietary fiber helps relieving constipation. Fresh dry Jew’s ear contains a photoactive substance: porphyrin. Under the sun, people who ate fresh dry Jew’s ear have the symptoms of itching, edema, even skin necrosis. Most of porphyrin is decomposed during the drying process in the hot sun. With water soaking, the rest porphyrin is soluble in water, which makes Jew’s ear safe to eat.

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