Fibroin and Hair Care

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Human hair consists of alpha-keratin, which is an animal protein. Silk protein also belongs to α-keratin, which has a similar structure to hair.  According to the principle of "homogeneous correspondence", silk protein molecules should be easily absorbed by hair molecules and form relatively stable chemical bonds (or hydrogen bonds) without being easily washed away by water. [...]

The History and Development of Silk

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All Chinese people know the Silk Road in Chinese history. Most people know that silk is from China and has been carried to Europe and the United States. In modern times, it is regarded as a treasure in Japan. Nowadays, few people understand why natural silk is the oldest pride in China. Since the promotion of [...]

Bombyx Mori Cocoon on Isoproterenol-induced Cardiac Damage

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In modern times, cardiac disease has become the main cause of death worldwide. The World Health Organization reported that 16.7 million deaths in 2003 were caused by some form of cardiovascular disease. Myocardial infarction or acute myocardial infarction, commonly known as heart attack is due to the interruption of blood supply to the heart, causing anoxia [...]

Health Benefits of Silk Fibroin

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Lowering blood sugar, cholesterol Glycine and serine can reduce blood cholesterol level, excrete harmful substances in the body. After feeding 5-week-old male mice hydrochloric acid hydrolysis product of silk fibroin, the test results show that fibroin hydrolyzate can reduce cholesterol level in male mice, these two amino acids are also up 17.9 % and 25.5% in [...]

Nutritional Functions of Silk Fibroin

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After hydrolyzing, silk fibroin can promote metabolism, reduce blood cholesterol, regulate metabolism and increase appetite, it is an ideal health food ingredient. The animalistic protein is decomposed into oligopeptides and amino acids by the body’s enzymes and micro-organisms, which are absorbed in the small intestine, but the digestibility of different animalistic proteins is different. Our rat [...]

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